Edenic Tolerance

Neurodiversity - MT example

Humanity proceeds from multiple hominid and ape influences, with differing sociologies, which produce differently flavored internal "God-consciences" that overwatch behavior.

As a low digit ratio deepsocket MT, I am often compelled by my honor code to be harsher than I intend to be. To understand this code, simply imagine your distant asshole drill sergeant dad is watching you interact some militarized strangers. As long as you imagine this, you will behave like an MT.

MT bonding consists of repeatedly stressing bonds through sharp conflict hewing to the lines of justice without partiality, followed by an grudgeless laying aside of the antagonism for cooperation afterwards. This generates appreciation for each others' honor.

I was amused to observe this today in MT Cro Cop's behavior - he becomes unusually friendly due to the oscillation between sportsmanlike grace and pounding face. This is how MTs fall in love. The other guy doesn't get it, and leaves Cro Cop hanging at 1:07

Distributed Adamic Mind

Since we are all fragments of the original Adamic mind, we must confederate to think fully.

E.g., the frustrating TM tendency to speak in conceptual noodle soup has a purpose. They often construct imaginary bridges leading to otherwise unreachable islands of truth.

The glory of the distributed Adamic mind requires all high-IQ types, all hardware variants, to work together in unison. (Except the irretrievably antisocial.)

Is not the concept of the reunified Adamic mind impressive? Even God cast down the Tower of Babel in acknowledgement of its power. I am regularly staggered by the mental power of cross-type cooperation on our forum. It's something worth sacrificing for.

Pragmatic tolerance vs Christian love

Edenism CAN work as nothing more than a purely pragmatic alliance. It is obviously more efficient for all types to band together to draw from a larger intake stream, to get more people faster and segregate tighter into mutually hostile little clans. Candidates often do not know in advance to what type they belong. Public awareness barely has mindspace for one Altrugenics, let alone 10 of them.

But it is my Christian hope to achieve much more than that – real tolerance and cross-type love. Good fences make good neighbors. Having a home makes it easier to visit someone else's. They're not worried you'll try to live there, and neither are you. So they serve vegetarian? Have a burger when you get home.