Deepsocket vs. Widespace

Deepsocket vs. Widespace - Cold Water and Boiling Oil

Sperg is highly correlated with socket depth. Socket depth means how deeply your eyeballs are recessed into your skull. It can only be observed when viewing the face in profile. The depth indicates a larger development of brainmass in the orbitofrontal cortex, which produces characteristic Moral Sperg thought patterns. Socket depth is not the only way to become a Moral Sperg, but it is the most reliable tell.
MRI of the orbitofrontal cortex
Mitt Romney - deepsocket
Deepsocket in profile
Liam Neeson - deepsocket

The anti-Sperg has widely-spaced eyes instead of socket depth. Eye spacing refers to interpupillary distance. Whereas socket depth produces a Spergy altruistic object focus, widespace causes an altruistic person focus. I call this an "other-centric locus of ego" or "other-centric processing of emotion". By contrast, narrowspace causes a self-interested emotional inner life.
Female widespace is sexy (nurturing children)
Artists know this
Jessica Alba - widespace
Betty Boop - bouncy widespace

(NB: This observation is based on subjective impressions of interpupillary distance, not objective measurements. So it probably actually refers to a composite ratio of interpupillary distance to other facial dimensions, such as width and shape. If you look at a person and notice that their eyes appear notably wide-set, that is what I am talking about. This may sound "unscientific", but the human brain's facial recognition and interpretation is actually much more advanced than the best software. We unconsciously recognize information in faces in the same way that birds recognize the significance of a hawk silhoette.)

E.g., observe that Widespaces Vox Day and Jenna Marbles are always talking about the emotional lives of others/pets, whereas narrowspaces Roosh and Mike Cernovich are always talking about their own self-interested emotional lives. The distinction is not in overall altruism (e.g. who helped more people) but in specifically how altruistic their ego emotional processing is.

"Ego emotional processing" is still an unclear term, so visualize this: An individual's emotion is color flowing outward from the heart. The narrowspace's color is tightly wrapped around his own heart - his deep emotions regard himself. The Widespace's color spreads and wraps other people's hearts - his deep emotions regard others.

Narrowspace are therefore almost never Spergs, since they quickly notice negative reactions to Spergish, and are pragmatic enough to simply discard it and pantomime friendliness instead. Narrowspace will exploit Moral Sperg weakness for gain but is otherwise indifferent to the self-inflicted injuries of others.

In stark contrast, Widespace inherently hate Spergs, Spergish and non-meek Deepsockets. Widespace expects socializing to be optimized for intense direct transfers of warm emotion or occasional sharp rebuke. Spergish - with its sprawling object-focus and abstracted, indirect emotional signaling - constantly violates widespace norms.

I say "hate", but Widespace is inherently the opposite of hateful. The problem is that Widespace have a Brazilian team mentality and a border collie emotional herding instinct. Deepsocket Spergs have an Englishman's aversion to hugs, a German's preference for law over sentiment, and a Swede's resistance to particularism. Even at the best of times, the deepsocket will be uncomfortable with widespace's direct emotional intensity and invasion of personal space. If the relationship is closer than waving distance, at some point the Sperg will go badly off the widespace script.

When that conflict arises, it can quickly spiral into a "shouting match", with each party amping the volume on his communicative strategy and dropping nonessential elements in order to return to his comfort zone. This feedback loop has no limit unless one party dominates the other (with grinding submission for the loser), or the deepsocket learns to speak Standard.

A confident Widespace is never going to hear or learn anything about deepsocket Spergish, because his widespace biomorality is both genetically hardcoded and socially confirmed, which is closely connected to his truth value. Mentioning the existence of Spergish will simply make him angry. This applies generally to all NTs: It is against the rules of Standard to acknowledge Spergs or Spergish as anything other than stupid losers.

The typical Widespace versus Deepsocket miscommunication:

  1. Widespace: "It's not about you!" (because it's about socioemotional

interaction: emo locus of ego outwards. You are low status and a bad person, and I will shout at you to fix you.)

  1. Deepsocket: "Yes, I know it's not about me." (because it's about

objects/objective: use self as lens to talk about exterior world with 100% honesty. Why are we talking directly about me all of a sudden? This is way too intense. I will impartially talk about some objects to dial it down.)

Public examples of Widespace on Deepsocket aggression:

  1. Vox Day's never-ending anti-Gamma campaign, which conflates Spergs with r-selected effeminate dishonest Gammas.

  2. Bear Grylls making deepsocket Emilia Fox cry for failure to process emotion like a widespace ("negative attitude"). See episode 4 and prior of Mission Survive, season 1.

Note that a deepsocket with either widespace or narrowspace is likely to get along with a generic widespace. The deepsocket widespace will be sufficiently warm and people-oriented to pass muster (Mission Survive winner Vogue Williams is deepsocket widespace), and the deepsocket narrowspace will be sufficiently pragmatic to fake it. Only averagespace deepsockets are targeted for attack. Most deepsockets are averagespace (obviously), so most are targets.

Widespace and Deepsocket both result from increased development of the orbitofrontal cortex, which is a universalist altruistic justice engine. However, just as width is perpendicular to depth, so also the target of altruism is mutually orthogonal: the emotions of others vs the ideas of others.

A Widespace may act like an emotional tyrant, but it is benign and selfless, and can be answered at equal volume without causing offense. A Deepsocket may act like an intellectual tyrant, but it is benign and selfless, and can be answered at equal volume without causing offense. In fact (and counterintuitively), both types expect and appreciate volume matching.

They are two sides of the Neanderthal coin. The problem is that to the Widespace, it is naturally right to subordinate logos to socioemotion, whereas Deepsocket believes the opposite. (Note that "subordinate" does not mean "pervert": not lying or malice, but relative prioritization and expression.) Thus it is very easy for an intractable conflict to develop between two parties with a selflessly unlimited appetite for it.

In the original small tribe context, this wasn't a problem - not least because everyone was both widespace and deepsocket. But today, it is a significant source of disunity for the Neanderthal movement.

Just remember: Widespace are as autistically committed to socioemotional altruism as Deepsockets are to asocial intellectual altruism.

Q & A

Q: Are you saying Jenna Marbles hates Spergs?

Widespace on Deepsocket aggression is often hierarchical, sometimes horizontal, and rarely heretical. Intensity of relationship increases friction, but domination by one party is stable.

The most likely targets of female widespace aggression would therefore be a deepsocket child, girlfriend, coworker or subordinate.

Jenna Marbles is not a good example of a potential widespace aggressor, because she has socket depth, a highly altruistic face, and an occipital. She would still be likely to find an averagespace deepsocket inscrutable and cold. She does make social crusade videos, but they mostly target Sapscum.

Widespaces Bear Grylls and Vox Day would be much more likely to aggress on a Sperg.

Q: Do Widespace hate Thals?

Widespace and deepsocket are both Thal traits. Sperg, Thal, widespace and deepsocket are not synonyms. They can exist separately or in any combination, except that Widespace are never true Spergs (I refer to Sperg in the casual, not the clinical sense.)

Shallowsocket Widespace will probably be protective and nurturing towards meek, nonaggressive avgspace Deepsockets, but will also either try to herd the Spergish like a border collie or else view it with benign contempt. The closer the relationship, the greater the friction.

Widespace are accustomed to celebrating individual idiosyncracy within the greater widespace social agenda. It is violations of that agenda that piss them off. Spergish inherently violates the widespace agenda, but potential conflict is not actual conflict. By nature, Widespace are warm and Deepsocket are impartial, so conflict can take time to develop.

Widespace goes on small-to-mid-group social corrective crusades in much the same way deepsocket goes on audience-agnostic dialectical truth corrective crusades. Usually the Deepsocket gets in trouble for either insufficient warmth or breaking ranks with the widespace agenda in the name of intellectual sprawl.

I do not suggest that either perspective is always right. The Widespace usually initiates the emotional aggression. On the other hand, Deepsockets constantly project intellectual aggression.

Q: As a deepsocket man, should I avoid dating widespace women?

Your #1 priority is to avoid a widespace boss.

A widespace girl can make a good wife for a deepsocket man, as long as she does not trigger his disgust or contempt. The pairing enhances gender dimorphism. Your thought processes will always be mysterious to her, yet she will be easy to read if you avoid projection. Your coldness will hurt her, but that is good Game. She'll never be a true soulmate, but she can be a social asset and source of cheer. Sometimes opacity is beneficial. Last but not least, she will make a devoted mother. It's a pity no one knocked up Jenna Marbles, leaving her to pour out her heart to her dogs and the Internet.

If you then have a deepsocket son, expect to run interference between him and your wife. Don't abandon him to her agenda! You will need to say "Leave him alone" a lot, and probably should just forbid her from giving him any criticism or advice. Otherwise she will unerringly home in on and and unceasingly peck at the unchangeable deepsocket nature of his personality, and do it with a sense of righteous charity.

If on the other hand you have a widespace son, he will suffer emotional scars from your distant indifference and abrasive intellectual cruelty, and will probably reject your entire worldview in reaction. All of which sounds terrible, but is incomparable to the problems caused by a Sapscum child.

Therefore, if you like yourself, or are at least used to yourself, I suggest marrying a woman who appears to be your XX chromosome clone, having lots of kids, and returning the defective ones to foster care.

If that joke offends you, your reaction is understandable. Now imagine that your dad said it…

Q: How strong are the correlations discussed here?

Physiognomy is like cooking. If you add tomatoes, the dish will always have tomatoes. You can describe a tomato fairly precisely, even though there are different kinds. You can generalize about dishes with tomatoes, albeit less precisely. However, it is probably impossible to construct a usefully informative statement that 100% applies to all dishes with tomatoes.

Some ingredients alter a dish more strongly than others. It's easier to generalize about those. Widespace and deepsocket are very strong ingredients. But they are still just single ingredients which can be included in a huge variety of dishes.

Physiognomy is harder than cooking because in cooking, you can taste individual ingredients. However, in physiognomy, you cannot interrogate a disembodied orbitofrontal cortex. (Yet)

He who can cook, let him digest.

My examples are mostly written from the perspective of an aggressive, masculinized, hierarchical Deepsocket. I cannot write an example using a disembodied orbitofrontal cortex. If you are a more passive, sensitive, emotional, altruistic, egalitarian Deepsocket, Widespace will be less likely to view you as intellectually aggressive and cold. However, the basic divergence will still exist, so the disconnect will simply play out in other ways. It may even be synergistic, if one or the other party is comfortable with submitting. Many are improved by the loss of independence.

A classic example of synergy would be the Widespaces who have submitted to deepsocket Marcus Lemonis' business leadership. This works because he tries very hard to meet Widespaces on their terms in the social sphere, and because the deepsocket method is correct in the business sphere.

In one episode Lemonis obliquely mentions that he has had a tremendous amount of therapy, no doubt to thaw the deepsocket ice. The natural mode of deepsocket emotional expression is to express emotion in subtle and indirect ways, out of polite regard for the volume sensitivity of others. This obviously can't be read by other neurotypes and outside a small tribe setting.

On the other hand, more passive Deepsockets may gain from submitting to widespace sheepdogging to improve social competence and team collaboration. It depends whether you can handle the regular rebukes, or can modify your baseline behavior sufficiently avoid them.

My point is not that a conflict between any two specific people is irreconcilable, but that an inherent conflict exists between two ingredients. This is only one of many such conflicts which are constantly undergoing dynamic resolution. The issue is salient to averagespace Deepsockets but probably not to anyone else.

Q: Capitalization of widespace and deepsocket is inconsistent.

I capitalize both when used as a noun to refer to person(s) possessing that trait, because that is the least ambiguous local convention. Contrariwise, the plural and singular of Widespace are identical to avoid barbarism. Corrections are welcome and typos are common. Those who wish to debate grammar should do so with ETS first.