Cruz's Phyz

The Challenged Challenger

A Physiognomic Behavior Analysis of Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz launches his 2020 campaign at the RNC.

The whole world is wondering, "Why did Cruz do it?"

To understand what he did, read these two posts by Vox Day.

If you're unfamiliar with Sexual Market Value ranks, see here.

For the full Cruz meltdown, see here: Cruz speech video and full text of Cruz's speech.

Here's what Cruz looks like from many angles: Google Image Search of Ted Cruz

Settling Cruz's Rank

Cruz = ¡Jeb?!

Everybody knows Jeb Bush is a gamma. His body language screams girl 24/7. It's hard to put him in the same category as Cruz, who looks masculine and bangs hot girls on the side.

Plus, if we relabel every delta whose gamma streak flares when the right edge of his Overton Window gets stretched, we might run out of deltas.

Remember: Jeb is a pathologically-altruistic Anglo dipping his wick way south of the border, whereas Cruz is a Mestizo fucking over the sissy Anglos of North America while distracting them from their disinheritance with libertarian universalism. One's a traitor, the other's an immivader. Guess whose balls are bigger in this sperg-off?

Situational vs innate gamma?

You might say, "Well, Cruz screwed up the speech, and that ruined his reputation. But he's still way more of a man than Jeb. Put them in solitary confinement together, and Jeb would be the prison bitch."

True. A situational gamma is not the same as an innate gamma.

Cruz has publically defined himself as a situational gamma for life. That's always a risk with public betrayal. But is he also an innate gamma, or is he a delta?

Case for Cruz = delta

Deltas typically have unstable gamma streaks. They show the most variance of any group, and are the largest category.

However, deltas are also team players at heart, and a loyal part of the hierarchy.

Gammas refuse to accept their place, but they also lack the alpha goods to be the leader. Hence their dishonor - a perpetual pointless rebellion.

Separate categories of gamma

The gamma in Cruz is harder to see than Jeb's. In fact, it's a different category entirely.

Jeb and Cruz miss delta in different ways:

  1. Jeb - is a girl in a fat girl's body. Fails masculinization.

  2. Cruz - is an autistic snake in a televangelist's body. Fails honor.

Cruz can fake beta for cameras and chickz but doesn't have the delta goods to stay on the masculine team. Snakes get stomped.

Downgrading Social-Sexual Ranks

This leads us to a principle:

The SSRs are not just a set of independent definitions, but also a chain of downgrades. Start with an alpha, subtract something important from his personality, and you get a beta. Subtract again, a delta. Etc.

There are infinite paths to omega, but only a few to alpha. Thus it is easier to subtract from the top than to add from the bottom.

Ultra-thin Cruz bio

I know very little about Ted Cruz, except that he is a debate champion, a prodigy.

My experience with American high school debate was that it was comparable in frenetic inherent disingenuousness to journalism, but about central values rather than trivial facts. It is difficult to convey how horrific this is to a lover of truth - to take all that is sacred and precious and frappe it into a breathless logorrhea for a scorecard managed by a madly scribbling chode judge who then uses addition to calculate a result that has little bearing on the debate itself, much less reality.

The sort of mentality that could dominate this activity seems congruent with Cruz's too-clever hair-splitting and casuistically-cauterized gaping moral blindspots.

First facereading pass on Cruz

Congruent with multiple people's impressions, Cruz does have Asperger's.

It's a mild form - he is obviously functional to a senatorial level. His maladaptation is exacerbated by other physiognomic elements.

His malady is actually adaptive, as it disarms ingenopathic Anglos into believing that the swarth is ourguy. He's a token.

Cruz faceread

He's got a predatory non-white downward nose, high testosteronization, and hints of aspieface in the elongated midface and philtrum. So yes, conservative autistic snake politician sounds right. Beta dominance without delta honor. His wide-set eyes paradoxically make him autistically committed to a moral agenda of emotionally influencing people around him towards his notion of good. So yeah, it's personal with Trump, and he's dead serious. He's placed his principles above his word, and has some sophist's reason why. Probably because Trump crossed the line and is The Bad Guy.

His Nixonian nasal length detracts from his appeal by adding the premeditated liar's hyper-deliberateness. This comes across in inauthentic, highly deliberate vocal intonations.

The negative canthal tilt is an altruistic trait, helping to explain why he has the cuckservative positions he does. You can see the altruism and perhaps also more of the aspieface in his younger pics.

His face is too well-built and masculine to be a shitlib, and the aspieface doesn't help when trying to keep up with rabbit virtue-signaling (which has a lot in common with girl gossip cliques). Or its underlying fear motivator, for that matter. Cruz is socially fearless like a drunk driver at the Indy 500.

What provoked Cruz to self-immolate?

Credit Trump for pushing buttons masterfully, and #NeverTrump for pulling stupid massively. Besides the typical women-pedestalization trigger, I bet Trump's dogwhistling on legal immigration cut deep for the Hispanic immigrant-descended Cruz. (Family attacks fit here.)

Analysis of Cruz's speech

Key attacks on Trump: "Cast aside anger for love", "principle", "vote your conscience".

Summary: Yes, Cruz is crazy, in the sense that he is not playing political ball. #NeverTrump didn't have to push very hard to get him to do what he wanted to do anyway.

He sounded 100% authentic at "vote your conscience". This is where he lives. That's the thrown gauntlet. A genuine smile followed.

Widespace is convinced that Trump is evil, and nobody can tell him "no". 'Nuff said.

Straightish vertical melon back of head. Of course - debate champ is all about the parietal fast linguistic refactoring.

Thus we know that he did the math, and that this is deliberate war. He thinks he can win. He's wrong.

He's completely clueless about how most humans think because his physiognomy is so vastly outside the mean. Plus the aspie. But hey, the long term demographics are with him, so how crazy can he be, right? (Nobody tell him about how Mexico stacks up against Texas.)

Why Vox hates Cruz

I noted that Cruz has some aspieface. However, it is not the usual kind, but the widespace variant. Let's compare to Vox:

  | Trait           | Vox        | Cruz       | Hi-C |
  | widespace       | y          | y          | =    |
  | socket depth    | less       | more       | C    |
  | aspieface       | no         | some       | ?    |
  | canthal tilt    | neutral    | negative   | C    |
  | brow project    | more       | less       | V    |
  | eyelid aperture | way less   | more       | C    |
  | nasal angle     | normal     | downward   | V    |
  | race            | mixed hisp | mixed hisp | ?    |
  | chin project    | negative   | positive   | ?    |

The Hi-C column stands for "High-Commonweal". This is not exactly the same as "altruism". For example, a strong brow ridge is not exactly altruistic, but it is high commonweal compared to a man with an effeminate gracile sapiens smooth brow. Men should be manly for civilization to function.

The above chart is incomplete but good enough. The key is that they're both widespace. (Widespace is described in great detail here.)

Two widespace talking to each other about sociomorality is like two deepsockets talking about intellectual truth. If they don't agree, the conflict quickly intensifies to levels alarming to neurotypical observers. That is what's happening between Trump, Cruz and Vox.

While both Vox and Cruz have a mixture of altruistic and unaltruistic traits, the mixture is mutually inverted, resulting in conflict across the board.

Cruz's greater socket depth and aspieface contributes to the sperging masterdebater impression. The negative canthal tilt softens and gentles him, triggering VD's masculine disgust/dishonor reflex.

Cruz's gracile lack of brow ridge makes him seem un-thumotic to VD. Meanwhile, Cruz views VD's chosen candidate Trump, with his stronger brow ridge and smaller eyes, as primitively testosteroney.

However, Cruz's projecting chin makes him seem to VD to be too assertive in his interactional baseline. Receding chins tend towards introversion, reticence, counter-punching, whatever. It's a low-level tendency - compare the personality of receding chin Jerry Seinfeld vs mega-protruding chin Jay Leno. It's a basic assumption of social rhythm that grates when violated.

The South-American eyelid aperture of VD, its lidded dispassionate gaze like some grotesque stone god-mask, has nothing in common with the sensitively open eyes of Cruz, through which he broadcasts feelz to voters on the televitz.

But the most important difference between them (besides perhaps the Asperger's) is the nasal angle. The nose is a primary honesty indicator. From a crooked nose no true word was spoken. This is why VD hates Cruz. It feels like Cruz is manipulating and lying all the time, because he is. It is a mental overdevelopment built into his brain and written on his face - he is cut off from truth by overprocessing.

In sum, Cruz is an altruistic spergy widespace cuckservative snake-melonhead.

VD doesn't really have a clear Edenic archetype. I suppose you could call him a widespace melon plus some Indio/Indian de-universalizing brown. The receding chin introversion is balanced by low DR, good pubertal testosteronization, and brow ridge wrath. Just assume everything he says is in hypermasculinized Widespace-speak and you'll be fine.

Whew. That was pretty heavy, so let's conclude with a bit of fun:

Nate's objection: the case for Cruz = Sigma

Nate wrote: On top of that.. we have all those affair stories.

They are true or they are not… but if they are true than gamma is out of the question.

I mean banging Trump's PR girl during the campaign is the most sigma thing ever.

Eve was already naked. Cruz was already famous.

If that's too terse: Snakes can get girls more easily than they can keep brothers. Like the serpent did in the Garden of Eden.

I suspect Cruz is an altruistic Heartistian BETA with the women he bangs, and that he rides on his fame and his widespace warmth. Trump's alphatude thus offends him viscerally. He regards it as abuse.

Bonus: Comments on comments

Comments from Vox thread

Cruz's oblivious state control

Samuel Nock wrote: Even as he was getting booed, loudly and pervasively, Cruz maintains this oblivious smile and smarmy calm. It's just freaking weird.

Widespace alters the internal perception of morality, not the external projection of charisma. You would not call VD's view of sociomorality "tentative".

Cruz = "Autistic conservative"

Yes. But it is widespace autism. Very different than policy debator autism, which might result in him arguing budget numbers or presenting pie charts ala Perot.

"Cruz is butthurt about family attacks"

Quite possibly this is a widespace's justification for going rogue. Their concept of sociomoral boundaries is very firm.

VD's comments

Fractal, explains evidence

VD wrote: Everything is relative for its level. Sociosexuality is fractal. There is absolutely ZERO question at this point that Ted Cruz is a giant fucking gamma on the national political scene.

It also explains everything from his daughters' contempt to his wife's weirdness to his refusal to make the obvious move into the VP slot to my instinctive dislike of him.

Cruz should've pulled out of pledge explicitly

VD wrote:

> He should have pulled out of the pledge after Trump attacked his family and pointed out that Trump himself had no intention to honour the pledge.

Not quite. Yes to the first part. No, because he can't reasonably claim that. It's a counterfactual assumption.

Aeoli Pera's comments

Rules for the land of the lost

There are only two inviolate rules in the land of the lost:

  1. The show must go on.

  2. Honor your handshake.

Gamma vs alpha

Gamma = Estrogen + Narcissism
Alpha = Testosterone + Narcissism

Epic comment from AG thread

Whisker biscuit said…

I honestly believe Ted Cruz imagined he strolled upon the stage last night carrying a cross, with his wife and Glenn Beck looking on in awe like Mary and Joseph as the noble lawyer sacrificed his career for his gamma, uh, convictions.

As the boos rained down, the earth shook and Cruz mumbled to himself as he exited stage left : "it is finished."

My response: Jesus had social awareness. Cruz sweated no blood beforehand, and left the stage to a "tiny minority of orchestrated boos" with head held high.

Oh my

Cruz confirms that it was the family shot, and gets really into it, standing up for widespace justice. Voxian rips him.

Here's a good VP commenter question:

S1AL wrote: Because there are things that don't fit. Gammas care. Cruz does not appear to care. Any other gamma ever discussed here would have undergone a full-blown meltdown at this point. Cruz screwed up royally, but he's not not having a meltdown.

So the question is why he's not following the gamma pattern if he's a gamma.

Because this is a very neuro-atypical man.

VD comments

VD wrote:

> What other routes were open to him?

He could have been Trump's VP if he had supported him earlier. He could have won credit with the party elders by campaigning hard for Trump, convinced them that he was a team player, and been in a good position to challenge Rubio in 2020 if Trump lost.

What he did was EPICALLY stupid. I mean, either Gamma incontinent stupid or Asperger's clueless stupid. …

VD wrote:

> Power players ? you are expecting loyalty there …? Memories are short in that crowd.

You have it backwards. They have very long memories. They've always doubted Cruz's ability to be a team player. Now they know he isn't a team player and he's got no sense. Cruz had nothing to gain and everything to lose by that stunt. And he lost.

Cruz shows backwards widespace consistency

A bit of Googling shows that Cruz has been carrying this grudge for two months.

Trump took an interesting shot at Cruz's father. There was also the "Melania nude photo" attack ad followed by the "side-by-side wife comparison" tweet kerfluffle, which served to inform everyone that Melania is super-hot, and Cruz's wife… not.

Here Cruz is much earlier, when his widespace dudgeon was fresh, condemning Trump for a Badboy.

Cruz quotes from the above:

l'll tell you what I really think of Donald Trump. This man is a pathological liar. He doesn't know the difference between truth and lies. He lies practically every word that comes out of his mouth. And in a pattern that I think is straight out of a psychology textbook, his response is to accuse everybody else of lying. He accuses everybody on that debate state of lying. And it's simply a mindless yell. Whatever he does, he accuses everyone else of doing.

The man cannot tell the truth, but he combines it with being a narcissist. A narcissist at a level I don't think this country's ever seen. Donald Trump is such a narcissist that Barack Obama looks at him and goes, "Dude, what's your problem?"

Everything in Donald's world is about Donald.

The man is utterly amoral. Morality does not exist for him.

These two Trumpian pigtail yanks formed the substance of Cruz's complaint and prompted the non-serviam move at the RNC.

I have heard that the non-endorsement move has political precedent, but that doing it at the RNC does not. So the location of the announcement might be Cruz's aspie acting up, causing him to behave universalistically without regard for location, audience etc. He may have a reputation for not being a team player because his concept of team is… "neurologically different".

Hence why he blithely walked up to the billionaire's suite afterwards, only to get turned away. Which, no matter how much you believe in his Grandmasterdebaterness, does not seem like a Winning Move.

Trump: the only candidate capable of rational self interest.

A Fauxcippital Ego

Cruz has a large supra-occippital bulge, known as a "Fauxcippital" on our forum. It is associated with raw ego, the dawn of ego on Koanic's Mohawk. I watched a segment from a [Jimmy Kimmel YouTube interview]( that made clear this ego is part of how he simply powers through people. "It's not about getting along," he said, and meant it. His concept of "principle" assumes this enormous ego as a given, and explains his penchant for independence and ignoring/overriding others. It's both a strength and a weakness, as we've seen. He is loved by some for his independence, and hated by many for his failure to be a team player.

Credit goes to Aeoli for insisting he had a huge ego, which caused me to look for further typing evidence. No typing is complete without knowledge of digit ratio, somatype and gross skull shape. I neglected to get a read on the back of the skull, and without at least the face + skull shape, it's difficult to generalize meaningfully to a layman.

Short version of above paragraph: always check the back of skull shape.

Typed members of the phpBB deprecated Altrugenics forum may peruse the discussion between Aeoli and me [here](