Defending North America

The historical human evolution of the Americas

Earth is an evolution engine. The sun shines syntropy, and the Earth converts it into increasingly sophisticated life. The measure of progress is how efficiently syntropy is converted to entropic heat. The eventual goal is for Earth sapients to climb the Kardashev Scale.

In evolution, bigger is better. The bigger an ecosystem, the faster it evolves. When a small ecosystem is exposed to a large one, it's common for invasive species from the large one to wipe out inefficient ("endangered") species from the small one.

On land, ecosystems are separated by geographic barriers such as mountains and differing climate zones. For example, the Sahara Desert separates sub-Saharan Africa from North Africa.

Climate varies by latitude, not longitude. So continents that are wide have big ecosystems, and continents that are tall have many small ecosystems stacked in layers.

The Americas are tall, and Eurasia is wide. Therefore Eurasian species dominate American ones. This includes humans. So the Americas are perpetually invaded from easternmost Asia and westernmost Europe. More advanced humans migrate into North America, pushing earlier waves south.

So if you are an Aryan American man wondering about your identity and purpose, now you know. You are the latest and greatest wave out of Europe. Your job is to dig in to defend against the East Asian wave now pouring into North America. If you lose, you will be pushed into the South American melting pot, which is literally for genetic losers.

Evolution should be crunchy, not soupy

Humans are territorial animals, and they are supposed to evolve in a territorial patchwork. Each "patch" is a tribe or village. Borders are porous to gene flow.

This allows competitive genes to sweep across the region, but preserves local biodiversity, which is an ongoing source of innovation and fitness.

Think about it. When you go to Baskin Robbins, do you want all 31 flavors melted and blended into a slurry? Of course not. Well that's what South America is like. By contrast, Europe has distinct local ethnicities.

Crunchy evolution is superior to soupy evolution. Crunchy evolution still propagates universally useful traits, just like soupy evolution. However crunchy also selects for locally useful traits, which soupy can't. Locally doesn't just mean geographically local. Admittedly local geography matters less to humans with industrial technology. But local adaptation to OTHER HUMANS is still very important.

Altruism evolves thanks to group selection. In crunchy evolution, low-trust groups lose to high-trust groups, even though low-trust individuals cheat high-trust individuals. In soupy evolution, group selection is far less important. Trust declines, and external conquest follows.

This is just one example of the benefits of crunchy evolution. Genetics is very complicated. Preserving biodiversity in crunchy patches preserves raw potential that may later result in universally useful traits.

For Aryans to hold North America, we need to un-soupify ourselves. We must restore our genetic-geographic crunchiness.

How North America should be reorganized by ethnicity

High Aryans belong in the middle, as Germany is the center of Europe.

North America should resemble Eurasia's genetic gradients, but in a mirror: The Irish on the northeast coast, the Inuits and hybrid Slavs and East Asians on the west coast. Pure Slavs and East Asians, unadmixed by Aryan American blood, should return to their homelands, of course. There is no global human interest in giving more lebensraum to the races not responsible for Western Civilization.

To the far north go the Scandinavians and Inuits, to the east and west respectively.

To the south, towards Central America, go the Southern Europeans and Mediterraneans who have enough High Aryan blood to belong in North America.

Sub-Saharan hybrids should return to Africa to colonize that continent with Aryan genes, to its betterment.

Indio hybrids should move to South America, joining La Raza.

At a local level, strive to maximize the genetic relatedness of neighbors, to restore both community and the cellular nature of human tribal/village evolution destroyed by modern atomization.

Where it is impossible to geographically categorize a hybrid, err towards pushing the mixed southward. Since such hopeless hybrids cannot be native to any community, let them instead improve the average high Aryan content of the blood of a community in which they dwell as high-caste outsiders.

This is far better than permitting them to undermine the cohesion of homogeneous High Aryan communities, in which they act as a low-trust subversive minority.

The Old Testament binds the patrilineages to the land. In this way, the heavily-evolved Y-chromosome is held accountable for its actions over generations. It is capitalism for genes, whereas now we have genetic Communism.