Ashkenazi Admixture

Why Christian Aryan part-Ashkenazis should hate the Tribe

A minority that is genetically similar to the majority must take extreme cultural measures to prevent extinction via assimilation. The Amish are a good example - language and lifeway are totally divergent. They have developed a unique genetic character as a result of their insular breeding.

The Amish are unusual in that they do not prey on the majority in order to reinforce group boundaries by generating mutual enmity… anymore. Pennsylvania was once vicious to its white slaves, using Indian slave-catchers to deny escape. Now the Amish prey passively on their own children, keeping them in too-helpless ignorance to escape.

Ashkenazis are largely Western European in DNA. This similarity of blood means that, like the Amish, they must take extreme cultural measures to prevent assimilational extinction.

An Ashkenazi who converts to Christianity ceases to be a member of the Tribe. As any animal breeder will understand, this means that the Ashkenazis are dysgenically selected for hatred of Jesus Christ. It is the only way the Tribe can continue to exist while living as a minority in Christian lands.

(What about Messianic Jews? A tiny minority. The New Testament does a good job of destroying the social barriers necessary to maintain insular breeding in exile.)

Essential to the continued existence of the Tribe is that the good ones convert to Christianity and leave. This keeps the core Tribe virulently xenophobic, or loxist in this case, as well as legalistically predatory and wicked, beyond anything the Pharisees and Sadducees of Jesus' day imagined.

It is a mistake to evaluate the character of the ones who remain in the Tribe by the ones who leave it. They are as different as sheep and goats.

The descendants of those who leave are apt to look upon the Tribe with fondness, having no actual contact with it, not realizing that they now represent an existential assimilational threat to the Tribe, and that the Tribe must therefore treat them with contempt and rejection.

The Tribe are the children of Satan, by centuries of selective breeding. But just like purebred dogs, they quickly revert to generic mutts when reintroduced to the general population. Thus there is no need to fear a stigma of "original sin" due to Ashkenazi blood, although obviously some genetic influence remains.

"I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed: he shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel." — Genesis 3:15

The reason the Holocaust happened is because the Ashkenazis were bringing Communism to Eurasia. Communism, in its origins, was simply a form of secular Judaism. They succeeded in the Soviet Union, dominating its early elite, as Solzhenitsyn testifies. The real massacre of Christians they implemented eclipses all the lying sob stories they have told since about the Nazis, who never gassed any concentration camp inmates, although they did starve a lot of them at the end of the war.

The lesson is as stark as the gulag: Do not permit the Synagogue of Satan refuge in Christian lands, or pay the price. Instead America heeded Jewish fables, and as a result the USA will not survive the largest mass invasion in human history.