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Today "Aryan" is a suppressed racial category, besmirched by association with Nazism, as are all badwhites. Despite this political incorrectness, "Aryan" meaningfully describes the Western European subset of the Caucasian race. It is far more accurate than the ambiguous "white", which is why our enemies prefer the latter, since they wish to destroy our identity.

The "High Aryans" are the people who during Western Civilization lived in the region from southern England to northern Italy. Another name for them is Core Europeans. But that name is rather bloodless and collides with "Central Europeans". Therefore I prefer "High Aryans", which shows the proper respect.

High Aryans are the source of most of Western Civilization, according to Charles Murray's Human Accomplishment. Their productivity is a result of Neanderthal admixture, outbred altruism, and Christianity.

Preserving and promoting their superior genetics is paramount for human welfare. They are the Adamic race, the only rulers capable of disinterested benevolence. Adam, the ruddy man, is he who blushes. The High Aryan possesses internal restraint through conscientious guilt.

The great (((lie))) is that blonde men are innately evil and sub-Saharan women are innately good. It is a literal inversion of black and white.


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