My surname

Changing my Surname to Littlebook

I share a name with my father and grandfather, being the third. The implication being that I am to continue a patriarchal legacy. I did not break this chain; it was broken before me. That which is broken, I will not perpetuate.

My parents have repeatedly asked me not to trouble them by association with my radical views. I have made efforts to comply, but am no longer willing. Therefore, I hereby renounce the surname Buchignani. I am now Leo Joseph Littlebook.

My grandfather was an honorable and outspoken racist, frequently making accurate observations about the sub-Saharans hordes who ruined the city of Memphis, his home. Out of respect for that, I would not renounce my name were he still alive. But he is dead, and so I am free.

One of the reasons I left the USA after graduating from university was that I knew evangelical Boomer conservatives were wrong on race, but I wasn't prepared to defy them yet. Renouncing my surname is the final step in my journey out of the America that failed. The Boomer generation is unique in its betrayal of posterity, and it is therefore appropriate that posterity refuse to bear its name.

My old surname is not a suitable American name. It has a difficult Italian spelling and pronunciation. I neither speak Italian nor have any ties to that country, and I carry only an eighth of Italian blood. An Americanization is long overdue.

It's not convenient to change my name legally, so I may or may not get to that. Thanks to Revolution Tranny, one may simply declare one's name, much as Michael Smith DECLARED BANKRUPTCY.

Littlebook is an allusion to the Bible, and reminiscent of my original surname. It is far better than what I leave behind. I hope to live so that one day a man will wish to bear it after me.

In the Bible, the little book tasted like honey, but became bitter in the belly. When I discovered the red pill rabbit hole, the truth was sweet. But when I had digested it, my life became bitter strife.

So be it! Better bitterness in my belly than putrid lies on my tongue.