Littlebook's Docs


  • Author: Leo Littlebook

  • Subject: non-technical documentation

  • Format: Pubmind T2 website

  • Header pic: Iokarta (Creative Commons)

This is a T2 site, which means that its main purpose is to help me develop my writing. As a result, it's a rough experience for the reader. Everything is always under construction, and I'm not afraid to break things. These aren't rough drafts, but they're far from polished. That's what T1 sites are for.

Other identities

I write my technical documentation under my hacker handle at Cyberthal's Docs. The division between "technical" and "nontechnical" is fuzzy. Cyberthal tries to avoid offending the average American software developer. Technical but controversial content goes under Littlebook.

Bibliodemos is a persona I created to demonstrate the Cyborganize personal knowledge management system. He has no secrets, because all his personal files are publicly visible. This lets people learn how to manage their digital information from a live example.